41S yqzG07L e1374164033986 114x300 Ajax Bleach Alternative Dish Liquid in GrapefruitWashing dishes is one chore in life that nobody likes. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a dishwasher, and dirty dishes pile up ridiculously fast. That’s why you need a dish liquid that cuts through grease quickly and easily. I found that Ajax Bleach Alternative Dish Liquid in Grapefruit not only gets my dishes sparkling clean every time, but also makes my hands and dishes smell amazing! Ajax is a dish liquid that comes in a wide array of scents, all of which produce a lovely citrus aroma.

Ajax is an inexpensive dish soap that will clean your dishes efficiently and effectively. I’ve been using it for about four years and have no desire to switch to anything else, because what’s the point in spending more money when I don’t have to? Ajax Bleach Alternative in Grapefruit is so strong that I can remove stuck-in food and eliminate grease with barely any effort on my part. The Ajax does most of the work for me.

None of us enjoy the chore of washing dishes by hand. But why not make it easier with a dependable dish soap that gets the job done right the first time? I have found that other dish soaps don’t remove bits of set-in food or eliminate 100% of the grease, so I end up having to wash the dishes all over again after I realize they’re not clean. Ajax gets them clean and shiny the first time around. And it’s so strong that you won’t have to struggle to get your dishes clean, yet it’s gentle on your hands while you wash.


The following pros will lean you in the direction of switching to Ajax Bleach Alternative in Grapefruit as your main dish liquid.

  • I absolutely love the grapefruit scent I am currently using; however Ajax dish liquid is available in wonderful orange and lemon scents as well.
  • I can literally feel the soapy cleanliness in my water when I squeeze some Ajax into it. I feel that my dishes have already begun the process of becoming clean before I even start to scrub them.
  • Ajax Bleach Alternative in Grapefruit also gets my hands clean. I use it as a hand soap when I’m in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, and my hands are clean and germ-free afterwards.
  • It’s one of the most inexpensive dish liquids in stores right now. It’s easy to locate and cheaper than almost all the other brands of dish soap.


  • I wish I could say that a little bit of Ajax goes a long way, but the truth is that I usually have to squeeze a good amount of it into my water for it to get super soapy. There aren’t very many bubbles when I don’t use a lot of it.
  • The bubbles tend to dissipate rather quickly after I begin to wash my dishes. I find myself having to change my water quite frequently.


If you are looking for an affordable dish liquid that gets your dishes clean the right way, try Ajax Bleach Alternative Dish Liquid in Grapefruit. I have no doubt that you will be impressed.

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