51+pvWg6EoL. SL1062  300x210 Dell Inspiron N5040 WiFi DVDRW Notebook  As a person who permanently works from home, I needed a decent computer that provided me with the tools to get my work done in a timely manner. I was using a desktop for a while and it was really starting to get old. It ran ridiculously slow and I couldn’t move to a comfortable location to finish my work. The Dell Inspiron N5040 WiFi DVDRW Notebook gave me exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been using this laptop for a couple years now and it’s performed every function I need it to. My work wouldn’t be half as efficient if I was still using my dusty desktop.

The Dell Inspiron N5040 contains all of today’s technology without being too complicated. It’s easy to use and performs tasks easily. I love the chiclet keyboard (rounded keys spaced evenly apart) because it makes typing a breeze. The screen is also big enough so I’m not squinting to see my work or read. Transporting this notebook from room to room or on trips is an easy process. The laptop is pretty lightweight and can be carried with one hand, so carrying it to different areas isn’t a huge hassle.

Not only does the Dell Inspiron N5040 perform all the tasks I need it to, but it’s created with a classy design as well. You’ll have no issues with showing the sleek build to your friends and family. It comes with plenty of room, so I was able to store every single one of my pictures, endless amounts of word documents, and all of my itunes. You’ll also find that it’s organized extremely well. When you hit the start key, you can see that there’s a nice, neat list of the notebook’s programs.


The Dell Inspiron N5040 Wifi DVDRW Notebook has benefited my daily life in a number of ways. It could definitely do the same for you, as the following pros will state.

  • Windows 7 makes it incredibly easy to type up and format any word document that you need. There’s also a nicely discrete built-in webcam with high resolution. This has come in handy for when I use Skype.
  • It includes 4 GB of RAM and 750 GB of hard drive space. I’ve had no trouble saving thousands of word documents on this computer. I also have hundreds of photos and plenty of games.
  • It’s so easy to use. The laptop is ideal even for people that haven’t quite adapted to our fast-growing world of technology. You won’t have to put up with complicated downloads or a confusing home screen. My icons are always organized in an easy fashion for me.


  • My internet frequently shuts down for no reason. And sometimes I’ll be about to get to the last page of an online test, or an application, and it’ll say “this page cannot be displayed.”
  • The battery doesn’t last very long after it’s unplugged. This might not be a problem for people that don’t move around a lot, but I frequently move from room to room and it’s a real pain to drag the cord with me.


If you’re looking for a high-quality laptop that does exactly what you need it to do without all the extra nonsense, purchase the Dell Inspiron N5040 WiFi DVDRW Notebook. This laptop has been a lifesaver in my daily working life.

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Christine McNassor avatar 1375058198 80x80 Dell Inspiron N5040 WiFi DVDRW Notebook

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