I’ve never been a big smoker, but the occasional stressful day made me reach for a hit of nicotine. Everybody knows that cigarettes are terrible for you, and have multiple detrimental effects to your lungs and throat. Fortunately, this is the 21st century and there seems to be a healthier solution to just about everything. That’s where the electronic cigarette comes in. After testing these out for a couple weeks and then completely converting to them, I’ve concluded that I am saving money and living a much healthier lifestyle than the typical “real cigarette” smoker.

A decent pack of regular cigarettes costs about $6-$7. Most people (as long as they aren’t terribly addicted) smoke about one pack per day. Calculate that out and you are spending around $40-$50 on cigarettes per week! Electronic cigarettes, or E-cigarette, can be bought at any gas station. They usually come in a “starter pack” of one rechargeable E-cigarette and a USB charger. These are only $20 and come with 18 mg of nicotine. And the good news is, when you run out of nicotine in your E-cigarette, you just have to purchase some refill cartridges. I normally only buy these every couple of weeks. You can buy refill cartridges for about $15; sometimes more or less depending on the electronic cigarette brand. So compared to an average smoker, I spend about $7.50 on smoking every week. That is a LOT cheaper than regular cigarettes!

E-cigarettes can also be enough without the nicotine, but I strongly prefer the ones that contain nicotine. Nicotine is never good for you, but that’s just about the only ingredient that electronic cigarettes contain. Cigarettes contain a large amount of horribly damaging ingredients; ranging from tar to urea. I’m so thankful that I get to feel the calmness of smoking without inhaling all the terrible chemicals. And it’s been very convenient to smoke wherever I want to without others knowing or being offended. Electronic cigarettes contain no ash (obviously), so you can smoke discretely ANYWHERE without anyone caring! I can’t say the same for those who are addicted to cigarettes, but I’ve found myself not to really depend on my electronic cigarettes. I attribute that to the fact that there’s only one harmful ingredient (nicotine) and not a bunch of others that I can get dependent on.

Another great thing about switching to electronic cigarettes is that they aren’t placing an offensive smell all over my clothes. When I used to smoke real cigarettes, even though it was seldom, the smell would contaminate my clothes, my car, and the people around me. And using sprays or air fresheners on my clothing after having a smoke did absolutely nothing. With my E-cigarettes, there is no issue of a contaminating smell because the only chemical that I breathe out is water vapor. I can even smoke inside my house without affecting the walls or the people around me.

If you are a regular smoker, I would strongly suggest switching to electronic cigarettes. Try them out for a couple of weeks like I did, and you will appreciate the difference.

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Christine McNassor

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Christine McNassor avatar 1375058198 80x80 Electronic Cigarettes

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