818TcgXdHXL. SL1500  e1374163336594 281x300 Febreze NOTICEablesFebreze NOTICEables consists of a Febreze dual scented oil warmer kit and a Febreze Noticeables air freshener refill. The set up is very easy: Just plug the oil warmer kit into an outlet in your bathroom (or any room of the house). Remove the lids from the air freshener refills, then insert them into the warmer kit holes on the bottom. The room will then be filled with a lovely aroma for at least 2 months. When the oil in the air freshener refill runs out, just purchase another Febreze Noticeables air freshener refill. You’ll never have to purchase a dual scented oil warmer kit again. The concept almost works like a burning candle; when you plug the oil air fresheners into the dual scented oil warmer, the room is consistently filled with the scent you chose. I use Febreze Noticeables because I love how each air freshener refill is available in two different scents. Right now my whole bathroom smells like Lavender Comfort and Gentle Vanilla. Those are just two of the amazing scents that Febreze Noticeables has to offer in their Noticeables line.

In my opinion, spray air fresheners don’t do the same job as Febreze Noticeables. That’s because spray floats in the air for a little bit and then quickly dissipates. The oil warmer releases a constant aroma of a lovely scent all throughout the day. This is especially useful to me and anyone else who has a litter box in the bathroom. Sprays only eliminate the scent for a short while. When I have guests over to my home, they are amazed at how lovely my bathroom smells. Right now I only have one oil warmer kit which is in my bathroom, but I am considering spreading some more throughout my house.

I’ve been using Febreze Noticeables oil air fresheners for at least two years now and I am very satisfied with the results. It makes me and the rest of my household happy to be able to walk into the bathroom without smelling any odors.


There are so many types of air fresheners out on the market today. There are spray air fresheners, oil air fresheners, candles, and more. I would strongly suggest using Febreze Noticeables oil air fresheners because they beat all the rest.

  • The dual oil warmer kit comes with a low or high setting option on the back. The low option will release a low amount of oil scent throughout the air, while the high setting releases a high amount of oil scent in the air. I like the low option because it is still very strong and makes the oil last longer.
  • It’s easy to use and requires no maintenance. Just buy the dual scented oil warmer kit ONCE, then continue buying the air freshener refills for it. Poke them through the holes on the bottom of the oil warmer kit and you’re done until they run out of oil.
  • I never buy the same dual scents in a row, and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every set of scents I’ve purchased. My bathroom always smells like a vacation in Hawaii.
  • They truly work as well as a burning candle. My bathroom always smells incredible, and my visitors agree.


  • Although I always use the low release setting, the oil seems to run out quickly, usually after a couple of months. And Febreze Noticeables air freshener refills are a little bit pricey.
  • Febreze Noticeables scented oil refills are somewhat difficult to locate. Obviously you can purchase them online, but I’ve found that they are difficult to locate in stores. Other air freshener companies make their own line of oil air fresheners and they are a lot more common in stores.


Quit buying short-term spray air fresheners and switch to Febreze Noticeables oil air fresheners. Your bathroom will smell heavenly 24/7. 

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