foot cream 240x300 e1374365135758 Foot Cream: Dermagist Foot and Heel Revitalizing CreamDry chapped feet can be a nasty ordeal for anyone to deal with. The calluses often appear on the soles of feet and if left unattended can result into painful xerosis that can lead to other kinds of infections. For as long as I remember, I had a problem dealing with swollen soles and wearing sandals comfortably seemed like a distant dream.  

You see the thing is, my feet have such a hard sole and layers of dead skin that despite pedicure treatments at the salon they simply refuse to come off. I had tried all sorts of homemade solutions, pain balms and even applying Vaseline on my feet religiously but to no avail. I owned a pumice stone that I used to scrub my feet with every evening but this would only expose the cracks and make it even more painful.

Last year during the summer, together with a couple of friends we planned a vacation trip to Miami and I was faced with a dilemma of the shoes to wear since it was a holiday that involved walks in the beaches and playing in the sand. I planned to wear flip flops and sandals but I dreaded the effect of exposure to my cracked feet.

I decided to consult a dermatologist who recommended Dermagist Foot and Heel Revitalizing Cream. At first I was skeptical but started using it every night before going to bed. The trip was due in a month and I hoped by then my feet would have healed and I would be able to wear sandals. The results were amazing! The dry, cracked achy feet gradually transformed into soft and supple feet with no cracks and the idea of a vacation in the Miami sandy beaches in sandals felt so timely.

Information relating to the product

Dermagist Foot and Heel Revitalizing Cream is a product by Dernmagist Company that is known for its magical ability to heel dry chapped feet and restore them to soft and smooth state. It contains essential oils and spa creams Karanja, Manuka and Shea butter, another ingredient is Neem which gives the user a calm and soothing effect especially if the cracks are deep. Karanja oil penetrates deep into the sole to heal damaged feet while eucalyptus oil has a cooling effect, manuka prevents itchiness and Shea butter is a moisturizer that protects the skin from further drying.


Dermagist Foot and Heel revitalizing Cream is the best treatment for severely damaged feet and can also be applied by anyone who seeks the benefits of a moisturizing foot cream. Though relatively expensive the cream comes in a 4.oz tube that lasts for up to two and a half months.

  • Treat and Heal Cracked Dry Skin – the product is combined with Sterol oil which contains cholesterol that seals in moisture in the skin to prevent further damage. The cream contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that heal cracked soles.
  • Soothe and Damage Tired, Achy, and Damaged Tissue – the product ensures that skin that is worn out during walking is restored. Any pains are soothed by the eucalyptus oils and being an antiseptic agent, it heals wounded tissues more effectively.
  • Hydrate and Nourish Skin Cells – Shea butter moisturizes the skin deeply and this prevents it from stretching out or cracking.


  • Not always applicable – it might not work for all kinds of foot ailments and it is important to visit a dermatologist before using any medical product. This is because in severe cases, infections need to be treated before applying the cream.
  • It is expensive – this magical foot cream is relatively expensive and though it boasts of a myriad of benefits.


The benefits of Dermagist Foot and Heel revitalizing Cream surpass its disadvantages and therefore I would recommend any persons struggling with the cracked feet menace to consult a dermatologist on the possibilities of using the cream to deal with the condition once and for all. 

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