Garmin Nuvi 350 Garmin Nuvi 350My Garmin nuvi 350 has guided me to various addresses and locations since 2008. I honestly don’t know how I lived without it before, because there’s no way I would make it to ANY of these places without the GPS’s help. The Garmin nuvi 350 uses a full touch-screen with the option of a 2-D or 3-D view of the map. It can also alternate from the map to step-by-step worded directions on how to get to your destination. I call my Garmin nuvi “idiot-proof” because it works wonders for people like me who have absolutely no sense of direction. Every time you enter an address, a loud and clear voice will tell you which street to turn on, how many miles to travel on the road, how soon your turn is coming up, etc. The touch-based buttons are also easy-to-read and respond quickly to touch.

This GPS has changeable settings that can be customized to fit your travelling needs. In other words, it will remember places you travel you frequently travel to and provide you with instantly accessible directions when you select the address from the “recent selections” setting. The Garmin nuvi package even includes a USB port so that you can update your maps and actually add JPEG pictures and MP3s. You can also change the instructional voice that informs you of what current action to take, as well as the language. I am presently using American English, spoken by the “Jack” voice.

The Garmin nuvi offers maps and directions for cars and motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, trucks, and buses. It adapts to the vehicle being driven and provides clear-cut directions that pertain to that vehicle. You will be provided with loud and easy directions whenever you need to make a turn or merge onto a highway.


I personally think this device is extremely advanced for when it was designed. I probably wouldn’t have been able to make half the trips I made if my handy Garmin nuvi GPS wasn’t guiding me along the way. Here are some definitive pros:

  • Often the GPS will recognize the address you are currently putting in and automatically provide you with several options before you even finish entering it. This makes the process easy and quick.
  • The package comes with a window mount so that the GPS is nearby and easily accessible at all times. It suctions right to your window and holds the GPS in place. It also comes with a plug-in for the car so that it charges during your travels.
  • The Garmin nuvi includes latitude and longitude coordinates. I’ve actually had to use these before because exact coordinates were all that were provided to me to get to a certain location, and my GPS got me to the right place.
  • Garmin nuvi includes settings for fuel, attractions, shopping, parking, entertainment, and more general categories. When you hit your choice, such as “Dairy Queen” in the “Restaurant” category, you will be provided with a map and directions to get there.


  • Sometimes my GPS will lead me down a one-way road that I can’t maneuver out of and I end up really lost.
  • As the travel connectivity depends on satellites, there will be times that you won’t be able to get a signal. This can happen if there is something blocking the signal, such as mountains.
  • I’ve been able to depend on my Garmin nuvi to successfully navigate me to about 95% of the addresses I put in, but there are occasionally times that it won’t recognize the address, like if the road is under construction or if it’s off the map.


The Garmin nuvi 350 model is efficient, productive, and accurate for providing travelers with digital directions. The product package boats “personal travel assistant” and I couldn’t agree more.



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