gladespray2 Glade Spray Air FreshenerFinding an air freshener that not only eliminates odors but also sends a lovely scent throughout the room never comes easily for some reason. What’s the point in buying an air freshener if it’s simply a temporary mask for odors circulating in the air? This just means that the room will smell good for about five minutes; then the unpleasant smells will return. Thankfully, glade spray removes odors as well as fills the area with a refreshing aroma. My Lavender & Peach Blossom glade spray is beneficial to have handy in the bathroom, usually after my cat uses his litter box or I’ve just cleaned the shower with bleach products. It rids my bathroom of these odors and the smell of dirty laundry in the baskets. Additionally, the bathroom still smells fresh and pleasant for a reasonable amount of time after spraying with glade Lavender & Peach Blossom.

My glade spray is an odor eliminating life-sav er! I just spray the bathroom for a few seconds and the room wonderful throughout the whole day. The fragrance is absolutely divine. And I like how it’s not too strong when I spray it. A lot of sprays are way too heavy and smell like straight-up perfume. They end up being ridiculously counterproductive. Glade spray is gentle and it won’t send you into uncomfortable coughing fits like other air fresheners. I actually use it as a regular body spray too. It gives my clothes a refreshing fragrance without overdoing it.


I believe every bathroom should be equipped with a glade spray air freshener can. I say every bathroom because that’s where most of the odors in the house seem to migrate to, but I know it would do the same job of eliminating odors and releasing a wonderful lavender and peach aroma in other rooms as well. Here are some notable benefits:

  • It’s incredibly easy to use. To get the maximum effect, just keep your finger on the top button and sweep the can side to side. It will continue to release the spray as long as you are pressing on the trigger.
  • It does not include any harmful chemicals.
  • Glade spray is available in other invigorating scents, such as White Tea & Lily, Vibrant Bloom, and Clean Linen.
  • It’s made by SC Johnson, a leader in family home-care products.


  • I bought this glade spray can a while ago and these days it’s actually pretty difficult to find; both in stores and online. I would suggest getting it now while you can, because the Lavender & Peach Blossom scent smells like paradise.
  • The spray doesn’t always completely dissolve into the air and can sometimes make the floor wet and sticky.


If you need a basic air freshener that releases a gentle, relaxing aroma into the air as well as eliminates those awful odors, go for glade spray. In one quick sweeping motion, the entire room will smell like a beach vacation, and it will stay that way for hours.


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Christine McNassor avatar 1375058198 80x80 Glade Spray Air Freshener

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