kindle fire e1373370613720 187x300 Kindle Fire TabletMy Kindle Fire has become my electronic best friend. It’s rare to find a decent tablet for under $200, but the Kindle Fire proved that it’s totally possible. The original Kindle was designed just for reading books, but the Kindle Fire allows for reading, downloading apps, listening to music, and surfing the internet. It’s a high-quality tablet that acts as both a smartphone and a mini computer.

The Kindle Fire tablet is an Android-powered device manufactured and sold by Amazon. Once you purchase one, you just create an account on Amazon and start downloading books and apps. The best news is a large majority of the books are actually free. I’ve downloaded hundreds of books for free and for very cheap prices. You can also download samples beforehand to decide if you really want to buy the book or not. This is just like going to a bookstore and taking a peak at the book before you purchase it at the register.

You can perform virtually any tasks on the Kindle Fire; including Facebook, Twitter, games, books and magazines, Netflix, and Pandora. My Kindle Fire accompanies me throughout my daily life. Whether I’m working out, taking a shower, or lying in bed; the Kindle provides some kind of benefit. Although I’ve only had it for a couple years now, I have no idea how I lived without it before.


The Kindle Fire tablet has been a constant digital entertainment for my daily life. If you are considering purchasing one, read these pros to see what is has to offer.

  • It’s so easy to download apps and books. When you set up your Kindle after purchasing, you enter your credit card information, and from then on everything you purchase just gets taken off the credit card. Everything just takes a couple of seconds to download as well. The Googleplay store has endless options for books, apps, and music.
  • There are tons of educational, entertaining, and useful apps in the Googleplay store. I currently have dozens of books, alarm clocks, Netflix, Pandora, word games, Battleships with Friends, Words with Friends, and so much more. I’m always either reading or playing some sort of game on my Kindle Fire.
  • It’s fast and easy to use. I enjoy scrolling through my apps on the screen and enjoying the fast pace.
  • I use the Kindle in every activity. While I’m working out, I either watch videos on YouTube or listen to music on Pandora. When lying in bed, I enjoy a book I recently downloaded or play an addicting word game app.


  • I love Android devices, but they tend to shut down and malfunction quite frequently. Sometimes I’ll be surfing the internet or using a social network and it’ll shut down and close out. This is very frustrating when I’m in the middle of something.
  • The battery does not last long, at all. If you use your Kindle frequently, you’ll need to charge it up frequently.


If you’re looking for a new and decent tablet, choose the Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon recently came out with a Kindle Fire HD, which I am sure is even more amazing than the current Kindle Fire tablet.

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Christine McNassor avatar 1375058198 80x80 Kindle Fire Tablet

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