kiss toenails Kiss ToenailsMost of us don’t think much about our feet… until we have to show them off. There is no use shopping for cute, trendy sandals during the summer months if we don’t have pretty, pedicured toes to go with them. But those pedicures are often expensive and time-consuming, and there is also concern over the cleanliness and safety of the salons and the tools they use. For those occasions when a professional pedicure is not an option, there are Kiss Everlasting Toenails.

Yes, artificial glue-on toenails actually do exist, and the Kiss brand are the best ones I’ve tried. I first discovered them while browsing through the artificial nails at Walgreen’s. I needed a quick fix for my nails for a summer wedding. When I spotted the Kiss Everlasting Toenails, I was intrigued but skeptical. Fake toenails?!? Yet when I considered the cost of a pedicure to the cost of the Kiss toenails, I decided to give them a try. I’m glad I did!

Kiss Everlasting Toenails retail for around 5.99, and they can be found in most major drug and discount stores. They are French Manicure style; a soft, subtle pink hue with smooth, natural looking white tips. One helpful feature the Kiss toenails have that other brands do not is a twist off tab at the top which you grasp to help apply the toenail to your real nail. The Kiss Everlasting Toenail kits contain 24 toenails in 12 different labeled sizes, so there is a size to fit every toenail. They also come with a mini nail file and manicure stick, and a small tube of pink gel glue. Initially I thought applying the toenails would be a tedious job, but I was happily surprised to discover how simple the process is. You can use the nail file and manicure stick to spruce up your toenails and cuticles beforehand, then you simply apply the gel glue over the entire Kiss toenail, then a thin layer of glue over your natural toenail; then, while holding the Kiss nail by the tab, press it gently into the cuticle and over your natural nail, using soft pressure. Press and hold for 5 seconds, then simply twist off the tab. That’s it!When I finished applying my Kiss Everlasting Toenails for the first time, I was amazed by how real they looked. My toes looked as though they had been treated to an expensive salon pedicure…but at a fraction of the cost! Indeed, my friends never suspected they were artificial toenails, and I even got a compliment from a stranger on my beautiful pedicure. My only concern at that point was how well the toenails would stay on, and for how long. The box stated that they were designed for 7 day wear, and after 4 days I noticed that some of the nails were a bit loose around the edges. On day 5 one fell off, and at that time I decided to remove them, as they are not meant to be worn for longer than 7 days anyway. Removal was easy…I simply had to wiggle the toenails a bit and they came right off, although there was one stubborn nail that I had to soak in acetone to peel off. If you wish to remove the nails after only a day or so, you will probably have to soak them all in acetone to soften them. Definitely do not pull or force them off! After removal, your natural toes will look a bit worn and scruffy, but within a few days they will be back to normal.

As I’m writing this, I’m wearing my Kiss Everlasting Toenails…that is how often I use them in the summertime. I love the simple convenience of being able to apply perfectly French Manicured toenails in a matter of minutes. Kiss Everlasting Toenails allow me to have beautiful, sandal-ready feet without the hassle and cost of a salon pedicure. They are fashionable and fun!


  • Kiss Everlasting Toenails are a classic, pretty French Manicure style.
  • The toenail kits come with everything you need to apply them, including the gel glue.
  • Kiss toenails come in 12 different sizes, with 24 toenails in a kit, so there is a size to fit every toenail.
  • Kiss Everlasting Toenails are very easy to apply.
  • After applying the toenails, your feet will look like they have been professionally pedicured.
  • Kiss Everlasting Toenails are inexpensive.
  • They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, parties, etc., when you need a salon style pedicure but lack the time and money.
  • Kiss Everlasting Toenails are available at most major drug and discount stores.


  • Kiss Everlasting Toenails are not meant to be worn beyond 7 days, and will begin to loosen around the edges after 4 or 5 days.
  • After removing the Kiss toenails, your natural toenails will be slightly worn and rough looking for a few days.


I admit I was slightly weary about the idea of artificial toenails, but Kiss Everlasting Toenails have proven to be an affordable, convenient, and fun way to achieve a professionally pedicured look. No one will know they’re artificial but you, and the French Manicure design is classic and beautiful. 

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