41xdCOwNPqL. SY450  e1373585613502 144x300 L.A. Looks Sport Mega X treme Hold 10+Anyone who has permed, wavy, or naturally curly hair can appreciate a decent hair gel. They are difficult to come by, but when you find a good one, you stick with it for life. I have definitely found my hair gel for life; it’s called L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme. It’s so strong and resilient that it is rated at a strength of 10+. I’ve been using this hair gel for over a year now and will never switch to anything else.

L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme comes in a blue bottle and it’s extremely cheap. It’s very easy to use; I usually just towel dry my hair after showering and squeeze a dollop of it into my hands. Then I spread it evenly throughout my hair and scrunch my hair with my hands. The results are beautiful; the L.A. Looks gel gives my hair the curly look I am aiming for. Like many other people with permed or naturally curly hair, I have to use additional products to make the curls actually stand out. L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme hair gel accentuates every single one of my curls beautifully.

This hair gel will not only make your hair bouncier and more drastic, but also hold it that way all day long. Many hair gels I’ve tried in the past don’t hold the curly style that I want. They might give me a pretty style at first, but after a few hours, my hair starts becoming flat and dull and loses its strength. L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme holds your hair in the gorgeous style you designed for hours on end. And the reason it has “Sport” in the name is because it’s meant to hold your hair in place during the busiest and most chaotic of activities.


If you’ve got curly or hard-to-deal-with hair and need a decent hair gel, read the following pros to determine why L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme might be for you.

  • The gel dries pretty quickly. When I put it in my damp hair, it dries alongside my hair; meaning it will dry as quickly as my hair dries.
  • It works instantly. My hair immediately becomes bouncy and beautiful as soon as I apply it.
  • The bottle is 20 ounces and you pay an extremely low price for it. I use the hair gel every other day, and it lasts a long time.
  • When I use L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme, my hair is much stronger and easier to manage than without. This hair gel makes it ten times easier for me to put my hair up into a ponytail or bun.
  • This hair gel is designed to stay in your hair no matter what. Whether I’m exercising, cleaning, or walking around in extremely humid weather, L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme keeps my style in place.


  • Just like most hair gels on the market, L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme tends to make my hands pretty sticky after using. This can be easily solved by washing my hands after styling my hair, but it’s a nuisance when I’m in a hurry.
  • Your hair might “flake” after you use it. Sometimes when I use too much of it, my hair flakes a little bit onto my shoulders and back.


If you’ve got hard-to-manage hair and need a product to make it easy to style, buy L.A. Looks Sport Mega X-treme Hold 10+. I guarantee you’ll never use another hair gel brand again. 

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