lg optimus showtime1 196x300 LG Optimus ShowtimeI never used to be much of a fan of smartphones, because of the complexity and lack of simple texting. To me, a phone just needed to flip open to call or text my loved ones. I’d been living with a simple flipphone for years, but I recently decided it’s time to catch up with the times. I needed a smartphone that was easy to navigate and simple to text on. That’s when I discovered the LG Optimus Showtime Android smartphone. Since I made the smart purchase of this phone, I’ve had no problem texting or making calls as I would on any other phone, yet I can still enjoy the unique features that the phone has to offer.

My LG Optimus Showtime Android smartphone has been a constant tool for every aspect of my life. My favorite activity to do with any phone is texting, and this phone makes it easier than ever to send quick texts. I never used to care for touch screens, because to me a button should be an actual button, but the touch features on this phone are incredibly easy to use. The texting screen is huge, so it only takes me a couple seconds to send a text out. The call feature works the same way. You’ll have no trouble punching in your numbers to make calls. Plus, you can choose a contact from either the contact screen itself, the messaging section, or from the dial section.

The apps deserve credit as well for making this phone so magnificent. They only take seconds to download, and you can get many of your favorite apps for free. Learning a new language is a no-brainer process with the translate app. Just type in a word, and it’ll translate it into basically any other language in the world, even Yiddish! And if you’re the organized type like me, this phone makes it entirely possible. You’ll probably end up downloading hundreds of apps on your LG Optimus Showtime. The home screen allows you to set your apps up any way you want them. You can even put your favorite ones at the bottom so that they are always easily accessible. Your informative apps will sync with your WiFi or 3G and give you updated new or information every day. I downloaded the Weather Channel app, so my phone constantly gives me the temperature where I live.


Before you go out and buy this phone for your cell phone plan, you should be well informed of everything it has to offer. Besides everything mentioned above, there are plenty of pros to recognize.

  • This smartphone is the most convenient phone on the market. You can sync all the apps, your email, and your contacts up with Google. Google will then automatically update all of your apps from the Googleplay store and place your email contacts onto your phone contacts. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy to use on a day-to-day basis.
  • As a personal fan of Android phones, I can tell you that Android apps are incredibly fun and useful. If you’ve never owned a Kindle, you can own one with the LG Optimus Showtime. The Kindle on Android smartphones is not much different than an actual Kindle. Now you can read books and magazines every day, and a lot of them are actually free.
  • The camera on this phone is VERY high quality. My old flip phone could never take pictures this decent. The video feature also works great and takes high quality videos.
  • I love the way the phone itself is designed. It’s thin and sleek, unlike other big and bulky smartphones. It fits right into my back pocket without falling out.


  • Although I love Android devices, they seem to malfunction frequently. I’ll be in a middle of a text and my messaging will suddenly shut down. It can get somewhat inconvenient.
  • The battery life doesn’t last very long. You’ll have to charge the phone for hours to receive a full charge, and then it will only stay charged for 8 or 9 hours before dying.
  • Sometimes you might accidentally push the number buttons while you’re talking to someone on the phone. The phone is very touch-sensitive.


If you’re looking for your first smartphone, or a better smartphone than what you have now, go with the LG Optimus Showtime. This phone has numerous technical benefits that anyone can appreciate.

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Christine McNassor avatar 1375058198 80x80 LG Optimus Showtime

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