31DoCr VFdL. SY450  e1372864920509 156x300 Max Factor Stretch & Separate MascaraIf you wear makeup on a daily basis, you probably use the same brand every day. I’ve been wearing the same mascara since I was in high school, because it’s the only one that actually produces the exact results that I want. When I discovered Max Factor Stretch & Separate Mascara I knew I was set in the mascara department for life. This mascara has proved to be more efficient than any other brand of mascara I’ve tried.

Max Factor Stretch & Separate Mascara has been the one and only mascara that I have trusted for 10 years. The other types of makeup that I wear, such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, and eye liner, are constantly changing. My Max Factor mascara is the only makeup that I have stuck with since I was 16. And when I’ve been really short on money and tried to go for the cheap mascara, the difference was blatantly obvious. The other brands don’t make my eyelashes look even close to as beautiful as the Max Factor Stretch & Separate Mascara does.

I’m no expert in putting on makeup, and I definitely don’t know any makeup “tricks” to look prettier or sexier. However, I do know that I would gladly recommend Max Factor’s Stretch & Separate Mascara to any woman out there. And surprisingly, it’s no more expensive than the other popular mascara brands on the market.


As I have been using this mascara for 10 years now, I am more than familiar with the benefits it has to offer. If you’re thinking about switching your mascara brand to something better, then read these pros and you’ll wish you’d discovered Max Factor’s mascara sooner.

  • The mascara DOES NOT clump or flake. So many other brands of mascara claim that it won’t clump or flake, but they do anyway. Max Factor Stretch & Separate covers each individual lash for a celebrity look.
  • Your eyelashes will stand out beautifully with this mascara. Every time I use it, I feel like I’ve just arrived on the red carpet. My eye lashes instantly become longer and fuller after I’ve applied it.
  • Max Factor Stretch & Separate Mascara can give you the sexy, dramatic look that other mascaras can’t compete with. In as little as 30 seconds for each eye, you’ll be shocked at how gorgeous your eyelashes look.
  • If you apply a lot of it to your eyelashes, you can achieve the “false eyelash” look. But unlike using actual false eyelashes, applying several coats of the mascara doesn’t look obnoxious or unnatural.  


  • Max Factor Stretch & Separate is not sold in any stores. The only way to order it is online. This was a big disappointment to me when it was pulled off the shelves, because I now have to order it online every time I run out and then wait for it to ship to me.
  • The tube doesn’t seem to last very long. I do apply several coats of the mascara, but I can tell that it doesn’t last as long as other mascara brands.


If you want mascara that actually works and does what it says it does, choose Max Factor Stretch & Separate Mascara. I guarantee you’ll never use a different brand again.

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