41bjJOOsSvL e1373053582634 148x300 Red Bull the Red EditionRed Bull has come out with a new cranberry flavored “Red Edition” to complement their traditional energy drinks. I discovered the Red Edition several months ago when I was casually shopping. I am a big fan of the regular Red Bull energy drinks, but they’ve definitely gone above and beyond with the new cranberry flavor.

I can honestly say I don’t go a day without drinking one of the Red Edition energy drinks. It’s not so much the caffeine factor that I love, but more the delicious taste. You get the same Red Bull taste that you’re used to and love, but with a new cranberry flavored twist.

Red Bull is one of the few energy out there that actually tastes, simply, good. I’m a firm believer that caffeine should taste good as well as produce effective results. I can depend on Red Bull’s Red Edition to give me the caffeinated feeling I need, as well as the delicious sweetness my taste buds crave.


If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on the Red Edition, you already know that it makes your mouth water and tastes incredible. However if you haven’t come across Red Bull’s Red Edition yet, read these pros and understand why you need to purchase it.

  • The taste is indescribable. I’ve been drinking different variations and brands of cranberry juice for years, and the Red Edition is by far my favorite. I would best describe it as being uniquely delicious. The drink is a combination of Red Bull and cranberries with a carbonation burst. And if you’re not a fan of cranberry, I guarantee you will still love the Red Edition because it tastes like cranberry I’ve never come across before.
  • The Red Edition is one of the few enjoyable energy drinks I’ve tried. I don’t think you should have to sacrifice taste for results, and with the Red Edition you don’t. I get to feel like I’ve just consumed two cups of coffee while enjoying every last drop in the can. In my opinion good-tasting energy drinks are hard to come by. Red Bull has now mixed their delicious ingredients of the original energy drink with a carbonated cranberry flavor.
  • You can find the Red Edition pretty much anywhere; including grocery stores, gas stations, and dollar stores. When it was first being sold on shelves, I could only find it in a few select locations. Now it appears it’s become so popular that stores are regularly selling it.


  • Just like the original Red Bull, the Red Edition is expensive. Buying it in bulk is cheaper than purchasing a single can, but you’ll eventually burn through your wallet if you drink it on a regular basis.
  • The cans are pretty 11pt; only 8.4 fluid ounces. I can usually finish one in about 20 minutes. I go through the four packs like crazy.


If you’re a fan of Red Bull and want more of its taste with a cranberry twist, try Red Bull Red Edition. After drinking it for the first time, you’ll wonder how you lived without it before.

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Christine McNassor avatar 1375058198 80x80 Red Bull the Red Edition

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