81bvJjedkpL. SL1500  185x300 Halitosis cure: Smartmouth Mouthwash Mint FlavorOral hygiene is essential for every individual health. Experts advocate the importance for proper cleaning of teeth after meals to prevent bacteria from accumulating in teeth. Maintaining a clean and fresh mouth prevents a variety of dental diseases and throat infections that often result to unpleasant odors. Sometimes despite cleaning teeth regularly halitosis has its way of showing its ugly head in the most inappropriate situations. Halitosis is also referred to as bad breath which statistics suggest that about 95% of individuals suffer from it at some point in their lives.

I for instance had suffered from halitosis for some time before I discovered a way to get rid of this embarrassing problem. At some point it got so bad that it began to interfere with my social life. I would cleaned my teeth every evening before going to bed but in the morning I would wake up with such bad breath that I would shy off from talking to anyone before brushing my teeth. I shared this problem with a close friend who suggested Smartmouth Mouthwash Mint Flavor. Though reluctant, I purchased it just to give it a try. So far, what I can say is that…I can now comfortably smile at any chance available without shying off.

Information about the product

Smartmouth mouthwash is made with zinc-ion technology that eliminates bad breath and prevents it from coming back. It is designed to keep the mouth smelling fresh for up to 12 hours. It consists of two bottles that contain different liquids which are mixed together to form a solution that cleanses the mouth leaving it fresh for a whole day. Application is recommended twice a day, in the morning and evening to achieve maximum benefits.


• Stain free – unlike other mouthwash products, Smartmouth mouth wash formula does not contain dyes or coloring matter that often discolors teeth dentures or crows.

• Alcohol free – this product does not contain any alcohol whatsoever and is safe to use for children above the age of 6 years. Products that contain alcohol often have a burning sensation that most people cannot stand this product has a minty flavor that enhances breath freshness.

• Dentist recommended – for oral hygiene and fresh breath all day and all night, dentists recommend Smartmouthwash even for people with diabetics.

• Effective – this product removes any existing odors and prevents recurrence. The results can be felt within a week. It creates an environment in which odor causing bacteria cannot develop.

• Durable – consists of two bottles of 16.oz liquids that can last for up to a month this saves on money.


Ideally the product in itself does not have any disadvantages except the following;

• Expensive – this product can be termed as costly compared to other substitute products. Often most products do not match the effectiveness of Smartmouth mouthwash therefore it is worth the extra dollars.

• Unavailable in some areas – this product may be not be available internationally and this therefore may be expensive to have to ship it from United States to other parts of the world and this may discourage consumers.


Other than the above shortcomings, the product is utterly effective and I would recommend Smarthmouth Mouthwash to any person suffering from a case of halitosis.

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