71Mem03jWML. SL1500  154x300 Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair SprayFinally, at 25 years of age and a life full of curly hair, I have found a hair spray that I can stick with for the rest of my life (as long as they keep making it!). This beneficial hair spray is Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray, and it’s literally changed my daily hair-styling routine. Ever since I discovered Suave’s Extreme Hold hair spray, I’ve never even considered using anything else.

I use this hair spray to keep my curls as bouncy as possible, but it can be used on any type of hair. This is a hair spray like no other. It can be used either by itself as a hair-styling product, or as an addition to other hair products. It holds any hair style in place for an endless amount of time. It makes my daily hair-styling routine an incredibly easy process. First I use my original hair product (like hair gel), then I spray a healthy amount of the Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray onto my hair. The “10” in the title means that the hair spray is at the maximum strength. This means you can trust it for your hair on its own or coupled with something else.  

I use Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray every single day. Whether I’m wearing my hair curly or just up in a ponytail, I trust it to keep my hair in place. This is a hair spray like no other; other brands of hair spray that I’ve tried only last a few hours and don’t really work well with other hair products.


If your hair is hard to handle like mine is, you should definitely think about purchasing Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray. I have found that it easily complements my hair in any type of weather.

  • Suave’s Extreme Hold hair spray works well no matter what the conditions. I’ve had no problem with it holding my hair in place in humid, snowy, and rainy weather.
  • This hair spray will work on your hair, no matter what style or texture it is. I have long, thick, curly, and virtually unmanageable hair. Yet the Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray accentuates my curls and works well with my other hair products.
  • It’s incredibly efficient. Just press down on the spray function and it will continue spraying until you release. This saves me a lot more time than using traditional hair spray cans, which I have to keep pressing down on to release the spray.
  • It makes my hair extremely shiny. I’ve never been able to achieve a healthy shine with any other product, so I am definitely impressed that it does this.
  • A little goes a long way. As I mentioned before my hair is ridiculously long and thick. Yet it only takes about five seconds to cover my entire head, saving me time and money.


  • My hands are always really sticky after using Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray. This is pretty inconvenient when I’m in a hurry to go somewhere and don’t have time to wash my hands.
  • If I accidentally use too much, my hair gets hard and sometimes crusty.


Stop wasting your time with other hair sprays on the market. Suave Extreme Hold 10 Hair Spray is cheap, effective, and long lasting.


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