walgreens e1375060588995 Sunburn treatment: Walgreens Aloe Vera Replenishing Body GelImagine a day in the sun enjoying the beach having the time of your life doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities. This sounds like something that most people would jump for, this was the situation for me last week. The thing is I forgot to carry sunscreen with me and the results were painful red patches on my forehead arms and face. Sunburns are caused by exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun that cause peeling and in severe cases headache and fever. Despite applying sunscreen creams, sometimes the ugly sunburns are inevitable and it is best to consider treatment in case it happens.

The sunburns I got this time round were so bad the skin on my face was practically peeling off. This led me to a search for the best product to deal with the problem once and for all. Some of the products required rubbing the affected areas which caused more irritation. After trying a myriad of homemade concoctions but to no avail I resolved to search the internet and most experts recommended Aloe Vera. Therefore I decided to purchase Walgreens Aloe Vera replenishing body gel just to ascertain its magical healing ability.

Information on the product

Walgreens Aloe Vera replenishing body gel is a smooth cream that is made from a perfect mixture of plants and with plenty of Aloe Vera. Its soothing feel makes it a great relief for irritated skin. Aloe Vera has a magical ability of restoring damaged skin to its initial moisturized state. It also seals in moisture to prevent further drying and peeling. It softens skin and can be applied everyday even when the sun is not harsh.


  • Quickly absorbed - Walgreens Aloe Vera replenishing body is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving a cooling sensation and is excellent remedy for irritated skin.
  • Moisturizing properties - this gel contains Aloe Vera that is a great moisturizer for skin and is natural and therefore the side effects are minimal.
  • Skin softener - unlike most sunburn treatment solutions that involve rubbing the area to peel off the dead skin, this Aloe Vera treatment softens the skin and can be applied all year around and not necessarily to treat sunburns.
  • Not greasy - this gel is not oily and rubs in smoothly without leaving an oily residue therefore it can be applied even on oily skin.


  • Frequent application - this gel requires one to constantly apply it on the areas prone to sunburns to prevent worsening of the situation. To heal the affected areas, one application is not enough users may find this inconveniencing at times.
  • Alcohol smell - it has a strong alcohol smell that can discourage users who cannot bear overpowering smells, usually this fades within a short time and does not linger for a whole day.



Essentially the advantages of this product outweigh its disadvantages and the results can be visible in a few days. It is also available easily at Walgreens stores and this makes Walgreens Aloe Vera Replenishing Body Gel convenient for consumers who would like to purchase it.


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