cat litter 167x300 Tidy Cats Instant Action LitterThe end to the search for a decent cat litter has finally arrived. If you’ve tried every single cat litter you can think of to no avail, you haven’t tried everything. Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter is the king of all cat litters in terms of clumping, odor control, and convenient pouring. I was literally about to give up on my attempts to find a cat litter that could completely eliminate odors, and I found Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter in the store. I actually only bought it on a whim because it was on sale. Apparently my last-minute decision was a good one, because I have been very impressed with this cat litter’s results.

Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter comes in an easy-pour container with a convenient handle and it traps odors every time your cat uses the litter box. Seriously, I know every brand of cat litter claims to do what I just stated, but this one actually follows through with its promise. My cat likes to eat a lot, so he uses his litter box a lot. I have to compensate for that somehow, and Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter covers up and destroys urine and feces odors on contact.

Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter is fairly priced, and a big jug of it will last for a long time. I’ve found that with this brand of litter I don’t change the litter box even half as much as I used to. You can always buy the cheap, store-brand cat litter if you’re low on money, but you’ll actually be wasting more money this way because you’ll have the change the litter box just about every other day. I only change the litter box maybe every week and a half with barely any scooping in between.


If you’ve got a cat and it likes to stink up the house with its use of the litter box, switch your current brand to Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter. Here are some pros as to why you should make this switch.

  • The granules of litter are tiny and smooth, making for easy scooping. It clumps so easily that scooping only takes a minute or two and you’re not left with a huge, disgusting mess on the scooping shovel. Switching to this brand of cat litter has made it so that I rarely have to scoop or change the litter box, which saves me a ton of money.
  • I can’t even smell Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter, yet it’s somehow able to block odors on contact. One thing I’m always paranoid about when having guests over is that my cat will use the litter box and the smell will be immediately apparent to my visitors. However, Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter destroys odors the moment your cat uses the litter box.
  • The container has an easy handle and pouring method, which makes the process of changing the litter box a lot less of a hassle. Most cat litters are designed in boxes or bags that can make pouring a difficult and messy task.


  • As I said before, the granules of litter are very tiny. This is definitely convenient for clumping and scooping purposes, but it makes a ridiculous mess on my bathroom floor. I find myself having to sweep up the granule mess every time my cat uses the litter box.


I would strongly recommend Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter to any cat owner who hasn’t tried it yet. Stop wasting your money on litters that don’t clump and that don’t eliminate the odors that your cat creates. Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter will be the last cat litter you buy!

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